This article explains how to buy and size a violin.

Choosing the right sized violin
can make a great difference in an 
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Student Violins


Because size is very important in choosing a violin, it is advisable to seek out someone that is familiar with violin sizing. A violin that is too large for the student can be very uncomfortable to hold, and in extreme cases excess stretching of the shoulder and arm can cause painful tendonitis. As a general rule, the instrument should be held in proper playing poistion with the player's hand extended to the scroll (the farthest point of the instrument). If the reach is so great that the arm is extended fully, the violin is too large. Thus, if the arm is too bent at the elbow while holding, it is too small.

General age guidelines are as follows: ages 3-6 use 1/16th size, ages 7-9 use a 1/4 size, ages 10-12 use 3/4 size and those twelve and up use a full size (4/4). Again, these guidelines are general. To accomodate growing children, we offer up to a 100% trade in toward the next larger size when a student is ready.

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A violin teacher, orchestra director or music store dealer can be of great help in determining the size you will need in relation to the arm length and hand size of the student. Violin shops that deal exclusively with orchestral instruments and music stores with string instrument departments can be good sources of education, and instrument sizing is an important part of their work. Some music stores have a very well developed violin department where children can be sized accurately, but unless this is the case, you should rely on the advice of a teacher. Often teachers or orchestra directors want to be involved in helping their students choose an instrument. It is helpful if they can accompany you to the violin shop or music store. If this is not possible, most violin shops will allow you to take an instrument for a few days on approval so your teacher can advise you on your purchase. Chris B's will always exchange an instrument if it is not the proper size for your child.


Violins come in a great array of price ranges. As a public school string teacher as well as owner of Chris B's Music I realize that it is not always possible, nor is it wise to spend a thousand dollars on a violin for a student. We encourage parents to purchase a good quality violin for a reasonable price. Our Cremona line fills this need. Once your child has shown a committment to playing, then you can step up into a more expensive, higher quality violin. While it is true that some inexpensive violins are not worth their price, regardless of how low, the Cremona package meets or exceeds the Music Educator's National Conference guidelines for stringed instruments, in short it is a good place to start.

If you choose to purchase a used instrument, you should seriously consider getting it from a reputable dealer. Repairs can be very costly, and are often necessary on old instruments that are found in flea markets, Grandma's attic, etc. If an individual is offering an instrument for sale, you should have someone who is familiar with violins look at it before you buy. Violin shops will most likely charge a small fee for this service, but it will save you a lot of problems to get some expert advice. Expect to spend some money on refurbishing a used violin. Replacing the strings, bridge, and bow hair and making other minor adjustments can cost $100 or more. repairs can be very expensive.


We offer e mail, phone and fax support from the time you purchase from us for as long as you own the instrument. We can help with technical problems, provide playing and learning advice and overall support to insure you or your child's success on this wonderful instrument.

Student Violins

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