How to Buy a Good Beginner Violin Outfit

Two things to consider when buying a beginner violin are cost and size. We recommend beginner students find a violin that is within their budget and will last them the longest amount of time. If a child is needing a half sized violin, it is probably better to buy something less expensive and reserve spending more until the child reaches full size. If you are buying a full sized violin for an adult or an older child, you may want to spend a little bit more money and buy an instrument for the long term.

Either way, a good start is to purchase a complete violin package, which includes the violin, a case, rosin and the bow. Two models to consider are the Cremona SV-75 and the Palatino VN150 Violin Outfit. Both are complete outfits and will certainly afford the beginner the quality in an instrument to get them off to a good start. When ready for the next size, or a more advanced model, use our violin trade in plan.

If buying without the intent of ever trading in, consider a more advanced beginner model like the Palatino VN450 Violin or the Cremona SV-175 Violin.

Any of the above models will provide excellent playing quality at affordable prices.

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