Zoom Multi Effects

Zoom GFX5 Guitar Multi Effects Pedalboard
ZOOM Continues To Present The Most Exciting & Innovative Products In The World. The GFX-5 Effects Console Features 75 Different Guitar Effects With Up To 10 Simultaneously. 60 Preset Patches, 60 Programmable, A Built-In Drum Machine Along With A 6 Second Sampler Encased In A Metal Chassis Make The GFX-5 A Great Addition To Any Live Or Studio Performance Setup.

Zoom 606 Multi Effects Guitar Pedal
It's Hard To Believe The Power "ZOOM" Managed To Pack Into The 606. This Pedal Features 35 Effects Types, 42 Patch Locations, A Specific Drive Knob Selecting 11 Drive Types (Including 5 Modeling Effects and 3 Types Of Amp Simulation), Up/Down Gain Buttons and An Expression Pedal Assign Button Complete With LED Status. Yet With All This Power The 606 Is Uncomplicated, Easy To Use and A Great Price.

Zoom 504IId
The 504II Is Compact and Easy To Program. Acoustic Effects Such As De-Amp Restores Your Natural Acoustic Sound When Using An Amplifier. The Air Effect Recreates The Ambient Sound Of A Acoustic Amplified Guitar. The 504II Is A Must Have For Any Acoustic / Electric Guitar Situation. If You Are An Electric Guitar Player, Don't Feel Left Out: The 504II's Built-In Simulator Transforms Electric Guitar Into A Rich Acoustic Sound.

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