What items do I need to learn cello?

Chris B's music hears from people every day and one common question is: what items do I need to begin learning the cello?

All of our beginner cello outfits come with cello, gig bag, bow and rosin. Once your cello arrives, you only need to place the bridge under the strings, rosin the bow and start playing. Placing the bridge on a cello is a simple task which takes less than a minute. Of course, we are always here to assist if need be.

To help you tune the instrument, you might consider a cello pitch pipe.

Lastly, a good cello method book will get you off to a good start.

In Rhode Island, call 943 2520 for lessons. Out of state customers are always welcome to call or email us if they need any help selecting a cello or starting to learn to play.

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