What's a Good Amp for Starts!

What's a good guitar amp for a beginner?

In choosing an amp, you have to first consider how much you have to spend, the style of music you like to play, and what kind of tone you like best. It is perhaps best to start with something small. You might feel that a Marshall stack is the way to go, especially if you have the money, but from home use, big amps are hard to work with because they get too loud too fast. They also take up a lot of space. Anything over 20W is overkill for a home practice or friendly jam session amp. Remember, even a 15W amp is loud when cranked. What you sacrifice with lower wattage is clean volume. But if you primarily use a dirty tone, small will work just fine. For tone and and price issues, you can also choose between tube amps, hybrids, or solid staters. The first are generally viewed as the grooviest. The latter are cheaper, more reliable, and require less maintenance. And the hybrids are often a practical compromise.
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