Setting Up Wireless Systems

A Useful Guide That Helps You Produce the Best Sound From Your Wireless System

Incorrect adjustment of gain and output controls is a common cause of audio quality problems when using wireless microphones. Distorted and choppy audio, or weak and noisy audio, can result if these controls are not properly set.

Here is the recommended procedure - Install a fresh battery in the transmitter, turn on the system, verify that it is working properly, and make certain that there is no noticeable interference.

- Position (or hold) the microphone in the same location that will be used during the performance or presentation.

- Speak or sing loudly into the microphone, matching the loudness of the actual event as closely as possible.

- Watch the audio level indicator ("AF," "AF Peak" or "AF Level") on the receiver. If the indicator LED or highest AF Level LED is not flashing at least occasionally, increase the transmitter audio gain.

- If the receiver audio level indicator flashes frequently or continuously, turn down the transmitter audio gain.

- Make certain that the indicator flashes momentarily from time to time on voice peaks, but not frequently or for more than a fraction of a second.

- Set the input level control on the mixer or amplifier to a convenient reference position. The exact setting is not critical.

- Adjust the receiver output level control until the system audio level is as desired.

- Do not readjust the transmitter gain control to change the audio level; use the receiver output level control or the mixer (or amplifier) input gain control.

- Readjust the transmitter control only if the audio indicator on the receiver does not flash occasionally or flashes too frequently.

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