S7320BK 7-String Guitar

Asked why he wanted the 7-String Universe that ignited two very different trends in 7-string guitars, Steve Vai answered tongue-in-cheek: "More is better."

Tongue-in-cheek or not, Ibanez seems to have taken Vai's comment with complete seriousness as the company had a good number of guitars with more than 6-strings at their booth at the Anaheim NAMM musical instrument convention. On display was the long-awaited 8-string, the RG2228BK, and the slender Ibanez S 7-string, which has been absent from the Ibanez roster since 2000 and been subject to many calls for its return.

The 8-string RG2228GK lists for $1999.99. The 7-string S7320BK lists for $933.32

S7320BK Neck: 5pc Wizard II-7 Body: Mahogany Frets: Jumbo Neck Pickup: IBZ AH1-7 Bridge Pickup: IBZ AH2-7 Bridge: ZR Zero Resistance Double-Locking tremolo List Price: $933.32

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