Regal RD-30 Review

San Francisco, CA December 2013 - The best-selling Regal RD-30 Resonator Guitar Series has been re-designed and upgraded to include professionl features and the newest body design since the 1930's! Vintage by design with a well-proportioned shape, this new Regal is an even better instrument and represents an even greater value than ever before! Powered by the revolutionary Power Reflex® Tone Chamber- a Saga exclusive- this new Regal is not only lighter, but it's tone and carrying power is even stronger, making the instrument more responsive than ever before. The beautiful sunburst pattern truly resembles an old prewar guitar and the entire guitar is finished with a pleasing semi-gloss finish. A select mahogany body and neck give this guitar a tone that is at the same time mellow, yet bright enough to cut through any mix.

Each model in the series is also available in a traditional square neck design for Hawaiian-style or Bluegrass players, in addition on to the standard roundneck models slim, comfortable neck. The New RD-30 Series is a true innovation in design and will continue to position Regal as the benchmark for professional-quality affordable resonator guitars!

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