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The Mahalo U-320C Concert size Ukulele is slightly bigger than the Soprano model with a slightly longer scale--giving a deeper and richer tone. It's still small and lightweight--easy to carry and easy to play. It's just about the easiest of all the stringed instruments to learn and so it's perfect for children and adult beginners alike. In wood selection and features it corresponds to the U-320 Soprano--the same mahogany body with arched back and the same Genuine rosewood for fingerboard and bridge. The bright gold-plated tuners and the included gig bag make this U-320C Concert Ukulele from Mahalo a truly outstanding value!

  • Priced and sized to meet every need and pocket-book
  • The body is arched and made from Mahogany
  • The fingerboard and bridge are constructed from Rosewood
  • Includes nickel/silver frets and abalone position marker dots
  • Equiped with gold-plated friction tuners

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