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Ibanez SR400QM Soundgear Electric Bass Cherry Sunburst

Ibanez SR400QM Soundgear Electric Bass Trans Lavender Burst

Ibanez first introduced the Soundgear bass in 1987. That same bass continues to be one of the world's most played basses. Why? Because it is not the same bass. Certainly it's still the sleekest and sexiest. And with all SR models featuring active electronics, it's still the most tonally versatile. It still has the fastest neck. But they've continued to improve and update the Soundgear line.

When the Soundgear first came out, a highly compressed sound was popular. Now players demand a heavier sound with a more human touch. To accommodate these changes, they changed the Soundgear. And now the range of Soundgears is staggering everything from the elite instruments you can see in the Prestige section to the new amazingly low priced GSR models.

Ibanez exclusive EQB3 3-band bass EQ
Ibanez DXP and DXJ passive bass pickups for true string transfer
Solid Ibanez die-cast bass bridge
Lightweight American soft Maple body for added low end

Ibanez SR400 Electric Bass Guitar SR400
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