Ibanez IJX30 Jumpstart Basics Pack

Ibanez IJX30 Jumpstart Electric Guitar Metalpak Black Night

The Ibanez IJX30, one of the bestselling electric guitars in the world becomes part of a killer guitar pack designed for metal! Ibanez Jumstart Metalpak includes sleek electric guitar with GAX neck and mahogany body, 10-watt amp with screaming distortion, electronic tuner, instructional DVD, nylon gig bag, nylon strap, instrument cable, picks, and accessories pouch.Suffering from too much of too much? Maybe you need to return to the raw tools of metal. This Ibanez electric guitar offer no-frills, raw rock simplicity: two humbuckers, a 3-way switch and double-cutaway, crystal cut body all at simple money. High output, high quality construction and low prices all with the Ibanez brand name and sound.

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