Ibanez Gets Exotic with New Acoustic Guitars

January 23, 2005

Ibanez unveiled a new Exotic Wood Series acoustic guitars at the NAMM Show featuring three strikingly different models.

The EW20WQMBBD features quilted maple top, back and sides and has a list price of $471.12. The EW20ASNT features figured ash top, back and sides and has a list price of $357.12. Perhaps the most interesting of the trio is the EW20ZWNT which features top, back and sides of zebra wood and has a list price of $399.99.

The EW20QMBBD's quilted maple back and sides provides the brightest tones of the three Exotic Wood models. The EW20ASNT features ash with a good balance of snappy highs and good lows. Eye-arresting zebra wood model on the EWZW20NT provides rich, warm tones similar to (but not exactly like) that of a mahogany-bodied guitar.

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