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With such a diverse selection of instruments, it's hard to pigeonhole just what makes Ibanez so different from other guitar makers. But if any one instrument defines just what Ibanez is, it's the Soundgear bass. The SR has features, quite a number. Price, a wide range. And there's performance, plenty of it--and an easier playing and more versatile performance than traditional basses. Which is why bassists who are a little more adventurous have made the Soundgear one of the top, if not the top, selling basses in the world, since the SR's debut in 1987. First, Soundgear basses feature thinner necks and thinner nut spacing than traditional basses. So you can concentrate on playing and not on fretting. The Soundgear neck feels just right in your hand, slim but very solid. A full 24-fret neck allows you the full range needed for today's music. All SR800 models feature the ultra flexible Vari-Mid EQ with sweep-able midrange on Soundgear pro basses lets you zone in on the funk...or dial in the chunk. Sweep in back the mid-frequency and roll of the highs and you've got an instant walking bass. The SR800 series has been the number one bass with players for the last ten years. And no wonder--with a neck designed from a player's point of view, the 38 mm neck on the SR800 models is one of the thinnest and most comfortable necks offered on any bass.

SR800 necks are constructed of three pieces of maple with graphite reinforcement for added stability. Electronics include AFR Series active bass pickups and the Vari-Mid 3 band EQ.

Body MaterialBasswood
BridgeAccu-Cast B20
Hardware ColorBlack
FinishGray Nickel
Neck PickupIbanez Active Full Range P
Bridge PickupIbanez Active Full Range J
Active EQVari-Mid 3-Band
Neck Material5 Piece Mahogany/Bubinga
Neck TypeSR4
Number of Frets24
Fret TypeMedium
InlayPearl Dot

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