Ibanez SR300DX

SR300DX Electric Bass Guitar

Fast, Comfortable, and Versatile These are the reasons why Soundgear basses flew in the face of tradition when they debuted in the late 1980's. And today, they're the same reasons why Soundgears are standard equipment on every stage and in every studio-and in the hands of bassists playing everything from gospel to country to jazz to death metal.

Top of the Line Features Besides being exceptionally easy to play regardless of your hand size, the SR300 includes many of the top features today's bassist is looking for. It utilizes a thinner neck and thinner nuts than traditional basses, while its sleek body is lightweight, balanced and comfortably countoured. Features include an agathis body, a three-piece maple neck, chrome hardware, Dynamix pickups (a P- and J-style combination), and the PHAT active bass boost which gives you up to +15dB of increase).

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