How to Buy a Clarinet

The Clarinet is a woodwind instrument and is featured in a variety of musical styles such as classical, concert bands, Dixieland and Jazz.

In the clarinet family there are different models such as the contra-alto and bass clarinets, but the most common is the Bb (B-flat) clarinet.

This is the instrument usually played by beginner clarinetists performing in marching bands and stage bands.

For the purpose of our Buyers Guide, this is the clarinet we´┐Żll be concentrating on.

Student clarinets are designed for the beginner and meant to provide an excellent start for the first years of playing.

Once a student is established, and is learning the fundamentals of good playing, it is important to provide them an instrument that will continue their musical growth. All of our intermediate level clarinets feature grenadilla wood bodies and excellent keywork.

Designed and constructed with the professional musician in mind, these excellent clarinets find favor among the serious students as well.

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