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  • The ap Huw Manuscript - Facsimile and other information about this Welsh collection of harp tablature dating from the late 16th and early 17th century.
  • The Celtic Harp Page
  • CharmCityHarp
  • The Electric Harp Column
  • Enchanted Harp - Sales of pedal harps, folk harps, and accessories.
  • Folk Harp Builder - Roger Muma Musical Instruments - (London Ontario) Custom Harp Design; Lessons, Music, Kanteles.
  • Gaelic Harps & Harpers in Ireland & Scotland - A history of harps.
  • harfen - A German harp site.
  • The Harp Page - The Harp Page
  • HarpLore Australia - Sales of Harps, Sheet Music, Recordings, Accessories, Gifts and cards.
  • Harps by Wm. Rees - Harps custom built for lovers of all things Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Welsh also a Renaissance Psaltery; Harp Troubleshooting, Care and extensive Harp Resources.
  • Heartland Harps
  • Pilgrim Harps - (UK) makes harps; harp hire; sheet music, books, CD's. Worldwide service
  • Roman Harp Company - is a manufacturer of pedal harps and a publisher of music for the harp.
  • Trad@Harp - traditional Irish harp site - Celtic harp and harpers; harp festivals and summer schools; harp magazines and organisations; irish harp bulletin board.

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