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Beginner Guitar Lessons
Stringing Your Guitar
Tuning Your Guitar
Memorizing the Fretboard
Tips on Buying a Guitar
Why I Started to Play Guitar
Cleaning Your Guitar

Basic Major Chords (C,A,G,E,D)
Other Major Chords in Barre Form
Basic Minor Chords (Am,Em,Dm)
Other Minor Chords in Barre Form
Moving Open Chords to Barre Form
Dissecting an E Minor Chord
Strumming Technique
Hammer-Ons and Strumming
Suspensions and Strumming
How Chords are Constructed
How Chords Move Vertically

The C Major Scale
The A Minor Scale
The Chromatic Scale
Mastering the Fingerboard
Alternate Picking I
Alternate Picking II

12-Bar Blues: What is it?
Basic Blues Shuffle
Basic Fingerpicking

Intermediate Guitar Lessons
Alternate Picking I
Alternate Picking II
Practicing Your Scales
String-Skipping Exercise
Hammer-On and Pull-Off Technique
Basic Bends
Introduction to Slides
Double Stops

Creating Chord Progressions I
Creating Chord Progressions II
Substitutions in Chord Progressions
Grunge Songwriting
How Chords are Constructed
How Chords Move Vertically
Inversions of Major Chords
Rock Chordal Ideas

Major Pentatonic Scale
Playing Pretty with the Major Pentatonic
Minor Pentatonic Forms
Minor Pentatonic Scale Patterns
The Chromatic Scale
Modes of the Major Scale
Modes and the Minor Scale
Harmonic Minor Scale Basics

Blues Rhythm Guitar I
Blues Rhythm Guitar II
"Blackbird" Fingerpicking
Right-Hand Tapping Basics

Advanced Guitar Lessons
Stevie Ray Vaughan Licks I
Stevie Ray Vaughan Licks II
Stevie Ray Vaughan Theory
Jimi Hendrix Licks I
Jimi Hendrix Licks II
Eric Clapton Style Acoustic Blues
Albert Lee Licks
Eric Johnson Licks
Scott Henderson Licks
Robben Ford Licks

String-Skipping Pentatonic Patterns
Paganini: Caprice #5
30+ Insane Shred Licks
Some Advanced Metal Solos

"Maple Leaf Rag" by S. Joplin
"The Easy Winners" by S. Joplin

Soloing Using Extended Arpeggios
Soloing with 7th Chord Sequences
Soloing over "All The Things You Are"
Several II-V-I Licks
Minor Chord Bop Licks
Chord Soloing Using 4ths
Diminished Licks Over an E7 Groove

Albert Lee Licks
Pedal Steel Simulator Licks

Beginning Bass Lessons
Tuning Your Bass
Tips on Buying a Bass
Learning the Neck
Learning to Read
Your First Bass Line

Proper Hand Position
Basic Warm Up
Right Hand Technique

Your First Scale
Major Scales
Minor Scales
What's After Scales?

Basic Rock Bass
Basic Rock Bass II
Basic Boogie Woogie
Disco Octaves
Easy Ska

Your First Bass Line
Barney Miller Line
Instant Funk
Learning To Jam

Intermediate Bass Lessons
Finger Workout
Improve Your Reach
More Left Hand Technique
Keep Learning the Neck
See the Fingerboard
Single String Workout
The Spider Exercise

Developing Good Time

Breaking Down Triads
Whole Note Study
Modes of the Major Scale

How To Practice Fretless
Intonation Practice
More Intonation Sstudies

Things To Remember Walking
Let's Go For a Walk
Learning a Tune
Tunes You Should Know
More On How To Walk

16th Notes
16th Notes II
16th Notes III

The Jazz Blues
Bossa Nova
Basic Shuffle
Pumping Metal Lines

Advanced Bass Lessons
Advanced Slapping
Triad Study
Triad Study II
8 Note Scales
Melodic Minor Modes

Advanced Listening
Deep Thoughts

Giant Steps
Melodic Minor Workout
Jazz Blues Workout
Bach's Prelude No.1 In C Major

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