Questions about Buying a Violin

What should I look for in a quality violin?

While many factors must be considered in violin construction, we suggest solid woods rather than laminate, a horsehair bow rather than a synthetic one and the inclusion of fine tuners(4). These factors influence sound, playability and resale value.

What size violin should I order?

If you are an adult, full size. For children, we ask you to e mail us their measurements from (left) shoulder to tip of first (pointer) finger. Proper violin sizing is essential to progress and we are more than happy to assist.

How does the guaranteed trade in plan work?

When you/your child are ready for a larger violin, we guarantee we will offer fair market value for your trade (based on condition). This makes it easy on the budget while assuring your child is using the correct size violin.

What is the difference between violin and viola?

Violas are slightly larger, deeper sounding and read music from a different set of notes on the staff. Most violists begin on the violin.

I am an adult who has never played the violin, can I really learn this?

Simply put, yes. While violin is certainly a challenging instrument, with patience, regular practice and the proper teacher/materials, it is quite possible that you can play this instrument.

Introduction to Violin Video

What do I Need to Play the Violin?

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