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Cremona SV-800 Artist Violin Outfit

This marvelous new Cremona SV-800 violin is worthy of the finest professional player! The finish is a convincing reproduction of a fine, old masterpiece, with all the marks of wear that would occur in two centuries of use. It has a aged patina that is most pleasing and the color of the varnish is a lovely golden orange. The selected solid spruce top and the well-flamed solid maple back are hand-carved and graduated to perfection, and the resulting tone is rich, free and sonorous, with wonderful carrying power.

The trimmings are of finest boxwood in the Hill-style, with black pips and collars. The fingerboard is genuine ebony. Thomastik Dominant strings are fitted and the outfit includes a resilient, well-balanced pernambuco wood bow strung with genuine horsehair. The case is a lightweight oblong rigid foam model with plush interior and matching blanket. With all these strictly professional features, this outfit is a phenomenal value for the price.

Cremona SV-800 Artist Violin Outfit SV-800Regular price: $950.00Sale price: $579.00
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