Ashdown Fallen Angel 40 DSP Guitar Combo

All-tube tone and DSP versatility.

With the ability to deliver powerful, harmonically rich overdrives with a fat, articulate bottom end for bone crunching power chords, and soaring, saturated solo voicings for lead guitar, Fallen Angel has become standard issue for the new breed of guitarist. Now, with the inclusion of state-of-the-art digital processing, the Fallen Angel DSP All-Tube series opens up an almost limitless range of tonal possibilities.

The FA 40 DSP combo combines a dual-channel, all-tube 40W amp section (feeding 1x12" speaker) with 16 internal DSP effects - including 4 Choruses, 4 Flanges, and 8 Delay programs, plus an internal DSP Reverb section. Both channels offer flexible gain and EQ controls for a wide range of clean and crunch tones.

Equally at home on stage or in the studio, the FA 40 DSP combo includes a 4-way footswitch to select Channel 1/2, Boost On/Off, Effects On/Off and dual Master Volumes, and a Speaker Emulation circuit on the line level recording output.

Ashdown Fallen Angel 40 DSP Guitar Combo Features:

* 40W power * All-tube power * 12" speaker * 2 channels * 16 internal DSP effects * plus reverb * Speaker emulation on line out * includes 4-button footswitch

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