Ashdown All Access 40R 1x10 Guitar Combo

Designed for the rehearsal studio or backstage use.

The Ashdown All Access 40R 1x10 Combo amplifier features a single channel, a high performance 10 speaker, and front-panel or foot-switchable overdrive. A built-in spring reverb with its own dedicated level control gives big-venue ambience just when you need it, and other pro audio features include a retro illuminated VU meter so you can check your output level, a front panel headphone output for silent practicing. and a line output for laying down tracks in the studio.

This amp squeezes 100% Ashdown quality into a compact and amazingly affordable package that s perfect for home, rehearsal and backstage use. Wherever you plug in, you'll have classic Ashdown tone.

Ashdown All Access 40R 1x10 Guitar Combo Features:

* 1 channel * 10" speaker * Footswitchable spring reverb * Illuminated VU meter * Headphone output * Line output * Effects send and return

Ashdown All Access 40R 1x10 Guitar Combo Specifications:

* Power output (RMS): 40W RMS, 80W Peak * Speaker: 1 x 10" * Frequency response: -3dB at 25Hz and 20kHz * Minimum impedance 4 Ohms * Line input: impedance 470k Ohms / Range 150mV to 10V p-p * Line output: impedance 10k Ohms, level 0dBu nominal * Signal to noise: better than 80dB (EQ flat) * EQ * Classic passive tone controls (bass, middle, treble) * Effects send: impedance 10k Ohms, level 0dBu nominal * Effects return: impedance 100k Ohms, Input level 0dBu nominal

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