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Nowhere else is it so easy to find exactly what you want, and save. Experiment with the search tool. Select "Instrument" for Type. "6 to 10-foot" for Length. And click Find it! Over 60 choices found. Need a right-angle connector for you guitar, keyboard or bass? These 60+ choices can be customized in over 100 one to see how. Want a more precise Find? Select among brands such as Rapco, Spectraflex, Horizon, Hosa, Conquest and Pro Co. Or enter your own search words, like "stereo guitar". 2,173 cable choices mean you get exactly what you want, at guaranteed low prices.

Ever searched from store to store for one thing, but had to settle for something else that wasn't quite right? Don't compromise. Whether for guitar or bass, keyboards or microphones, use the choice our huge selection gives you to get the exact cables that fit your music needs. Musician Store cables homepage

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